Khosla Ventures-backed AliveCor, a leader in digital healthcare announced partnership with Kumaar Bagrodia’s LeapVault to bring the world’s    first US FDA approved medical grade portable single lead ECG device to India.

As the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases grows, the need for easy to use heart monitoring is vital in detecting serious heart conditions before potentially life threating conditions, like stroke, occur. The incidence of atrial fibrillation (AFib) continues to grow with the ageing population, and according to global research, one in every five people aged 65 years and above will develop AFib in their lifetime. One major problem with AFib is that it is often asymptomatic, and as a result, many patients are not diagnosed until a cardiac event occurs.

“Access to quality and timely cardiac care in India is a challenge for millions and we’re excited to be on the forefront of medical innovation and bring the latest generation of the Kardia Mobile ECG solution to India. In addition to helping doctors and individual patients, this can really change corporate health and wellness programs” said Kumaar Bagrodia, CEO, LeapVault.

The Kardia Mobile is one of the smallest ECGs in the world and can be carried in a clinician’s or patient’s pocket or even stuck to the mobile phone. The solution not only records a medical grade ECG in 30 seconds but also confirms whether or not the recording is normal. In addition to selling the device itself to doctors, individual patients and corporates, LeapVault shall also provide a service where the patient can email the recording from the app to a doctor for further consultation.

“We’re happy to be partnering with LeapVault and coming to India where so many people can benefit from the cutting-edge FDA approved technology in our latest devices and apps. Our solution also enables patients in remote locations to look after their heart in a timely manner using global standard technology” said Francis White, VP Sales and Business Development, AliveCor Inc.