The Management/Leadership Assessment

This online assessment tool helps measure over 100
different aspects of management and leadership. It can
be taken by each manager, or additionally, it can be
delivered as a 360° to the manager’s peers, supervisors,
and reports to give the manager a clear picture of how
others see them as well.

    • Understand strengths and weaknesses in leadership and
      management skills

    • The results provide a roadmap for improvement

    • A clear easy-to-read summary report is provided to each




Included in the One Minute Manager:

  • Every participant in the One Minute Manager training program takes the assessment to discover their strengths or areas thay may need



The One Minute Manager Training Program

Good employees don’t always make good managers. Make
sure you give new managers the tools and techniques to
do what’s expected of them.

Three Key Ideas:

One Minute Goals:

Create clear and measurable results that define success
for you and your team.

One Minute Feedback:

Deliver effective feedback to let people know how they
are doing.

One Minute Meetings:

Bring everything together in brief, regular meetings
with an easy process that keeps things on track..

How it works:

The training session helps managers get ready to
lead their teams, and the employee orientation session
helps them understand how to work with their managers.

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  • Align the time and work of each employee with the goals of the
  • Learn to make better decisions
    about the use of your time.
  • Deliver feedback in an easy, effective way.
  • Maintain a working list of goals you can use to maintain focus and set priorities.
  • Create accountability by
    providingreminders and tracking history of interactions with your team

Leaders@Change – Strategy & Execution Work Session

Implementing your strategy means that your leaders and managers need to understand how to get people to do things differently. This full-day work session focuses on the strategies and
ideas that your leaders need to make it happen.

Focus on five key areas:


Create a clear picture of what’s changing, why it’s changing, and what it will lead to for


Continue real, two-way dialogue that not only shares the vision, but also helps employees
embrace it.


Build unity among employees by ensuring that their actions line up with each other, and to the change.


Accelerate your results by helping employees become actively engaged in making the changes happen.


Achieve your goals by clearly defining roles and creating a clear way to measure success

How it works:

First, we work with your leadership team to clearly define what’s changing and what results you want to see. Then, we come to your location and meet with your leaders in groups of 20-50.
The session lasts one day and at the end, your mangers leave with a plan they created to
make it happen.


  • Turn managers into leaders who can drive change throughout the organization.
  • Expedite progress on your most important strategies and objectives.
  • Give you the ability to use change as a competitive advantage for the entire company.
  • Create success for leaders, teams and individual contributors.